Alula Cyr

We’re excited to announce the production HYENA from the first all-female Cyr troupe, Alula, for early Spring 2018.

Their debut show explodes onto the UK circus scene in a whirlwind of women, wheels, acrobatics, dance and song. Boisterous, playful and wild, HYENA is a synchronised display of sisterhood, strength and power.

Join the pack, smash the patriarchy!

“Alula are a phenomenon. Three strong, skilled young women with a rapport like no other; their main discipline – the Cyr Wheel – has astounded audiences the world over”
Adrian Berry, Artistic Director, Jacksons Lane Theatre
“Such a joy to deal with, they were a producer's dream to work with!”
Ben Anderson, Producer, The John Bishop Show

HYENA has just premiered as part of the Underbelly Festival on Southbank this June.