Boothby Graffoe

Boothby Graffoe

Available for theatres, arts centres as well as select festival and corporate engagements.

The new show from "arch surrealist" Boothby Graffoe - S.O.S.*

An evening of songs and stories from a rapidly ageing child who is still surprised to be making a living** doing this.

Expect songs from the new album, songs from the old albums and, probably, no explanation as to why ferrets know nothing about North Korean politics.

*Same Old Stuff

‘Should have his own TV show. He writes great gags, improvises as well as anyone, plays the guitar and sings songs that are both beautiful and funny’
The Guardian
‘Boothby Graffoe is a multi-talented, darkly hilarious, grade A British eccentric, who can twist your funny bone one minute, and break your heart the next. A musical comedy act who is more musical than most musicians, and funnier than most comedians.’
Stewart Lee
‘If I had to compare him to anyone, it would be Spike Milligan.’
Omid Djalili
‘Rare among singer-songwriters in that he’s not intensively twee and annoying.’
The Sunday Times, Culture Section (must sees + the critical list)
‘Has the audience in stitches and eating out of the palm of his hand. Mixing fantastic one-line gags with hilarious monologues and hugely imaginative improvisational material, Graffoe seems to have a comedic Midas touch.’
Three Weeks
‘An enigma wrapped in a riddle. May not yet carry the same kudos as Ross Noble or Johnny Vegas but, at his best, Boothby can leave them stumbling on the startingblocks.’
The Scotsman