Living Spit / The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Living Spit

We love

Living Spit.

They make poorly researched historical comedy-theatre shows about people that at least one of them vaguely looks like. Which have music in. That they write. Most people like them. And laugh. In an appropriate way.

Touring Summer 2018 – The Living Spit triple bill (either take all three shows, two shows or just the one that you fancy).

One Man & His Cow

A man. A cow. A whole shed of trouble.

Trevor loves Judy. Judy loves Trevor.

They’re best mates.

Trouble is, Trevor’s family don’t approve. They think that Trevor should leave his prize cow alone and get on with looking after his farm. And then Trevor gets some bad news…

Written in rhyme and song, and with a multitude of agricultural cliches and farmyard frolics, ”One Man & His Cow” is a brand new comedy coming soon to a pub near you…

The Fabulous Bacon Boys

Bacon Construction.

Three builder brothers with a line in exclusive dwellings of traditional construction. Straw, wood and brick. An exciting new development on a green field site on the outskirts of "Little-Muckle-in-the-Wold". But the locals aren't so sure. And then one day there's a visit from the building inspector, Miss Wolf...

Told entirely in rhyme and song, Living Spit are back with their unique spin on "The Three Little Pigs". With porcine puns, lupine laughs and more rural rumbunctiousness than you can shake a stick, straw or brick at, this promises to be a grown up fairy tale you'll never forget!

Tortoise Vs Hare

Barry Hare, Wrington running champ. Fit, popular and, above all, fast.

Toby "Tortoise" Gollop, eater of doughnuts.

Look up 'relaxed' in the dictionary and you'll see his picture.

Two very different men. One running club, and the race to end all races.

Another epic told entirely in rhyme and song, this promises to be an epic tale of romance, redemption and rural running rivalry that you'll never forget.

And for the festive season 2018


‘Away in a manger, no crib for a bed...'

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. A donkey, a camel and a new born lamb. A tiny baby, swaddled in clothes lying in a makeshift bed in a dilapidated farmyard outbuilding.

But enough about what Stu’s bought Howard for Christmas.

Following their triumphant take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Living Spit return to tackle another great Christmas story.

Yes, that’s right folks, Living Spit are doing the NATIVITY!

With the usual mix of silly songs, pitiful puppetry and more Biblical befuddlement than you can shake a figgy pudding at, two men take on all the roles to present a version of the Nativity as you’ve never seen it before!

Age 14+
Not for the faint-hearted…..

‘World-class actors at the top of their game’
The Financial Times Review for ‘One Man and his Cow’
‘The best 100 minute comedy show outside of the Edinburgh Fringe’
Western daily Press on ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’
‘A terrific production, gloriously silly and worth watching’
The Post on ‘Adolf & Winston'
★★★★ “A glorious celebration of silliness, fully appreciated by a packed home crowd.”
The Stage on Elizabeth I: Virgin on the Ridiculous
‘Cleverly written, beautifully acted, and, dare I say it, educational. Howard and Stu are a double act to keep a beady eye on...both actors perform with bounds of enthusiasm, wit and technical skill; their versatility and range is outstanding.’
Kneehigh’s Emma Rice on The Six Wives of Henry VIII
‘Brilliant comic acting....honest, unpretentious, beautifully scripted comedy. As self-effacing comedy goes, this is premier league stuff’