Morgan & West

Morgan & West

Mr Morgan & Mr West have two BRAND NEW shows available for your booking pleasure for Autumn 2017 and throughout 2018. Huzzah!!

Morgan & West: More Magic for Kids!

(Bigger, bolder, and more brilliant than before!)

For all aged 5+ (Not a problem with under-fives in the audience but not aimed at them) 60 minutes – no interval.

Time-travelling magicians Morgan & West return to the stage with a marvellous magic show full of crazy capers for the young, old, and everyone in-between! Expect the unexpected, believe the unbelievable, but do not dare miss the unmissable Morgan & West!

Might Mr Morgan manage a whole trick without his partner complaining?

Will Mr West ever accept children as real people too?

Can everyone’s favourite duo of deception finally find fame, fortune, and a box of fondant fancies?

Find out all of this and more in Morgan & West: More Magic For Kids!

Morgan & West: Return of the Time-Travelling Magicians

Evening show, 90 minutes + interval

Great Scott! Time-travelling magicians Morgan & West bring a magical extravaganza to a millennium near you! Not content with their lot as the nineteenth century’s greatest magic duo, this prestidigitatory pair present a conjuring spectacular to the audiences of the modern day.

No future is left unseen and no timeline left unaltered as these temporal tricksters burst into the twenty-first century with a show brimming over with baffling magic, unparalleled precognitive powers, and a totally genuine ability to travel through time! An unforgettable evening of magic, mystery, and the unexplainable.

Continuing to book until the end of July 2017 are the splendid delights that are their productions;

Morgan & West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show

- For Kids (and Childish Grown-ups)

Duration 60 minutes with no interval and suitable for all aged 5+

Witness a mountain of mysterious magic, a hatful of hyper-reality, and of course a truck full of tricks and tea. (Sadly there are no actual mountains or trucks on stage during the show, Mr West simply would not have them.)

Mixing brain boggling illusion and good old fashioned tom-foolery, Morgan & West present a show for all the family, where magic and silliness abound! Fun for ages 5 to 105*.

*105 is rather an arbitrary upper age limit really - it just seemed to flow well in the prose.

Parlour Tricks

– duration 90 minutes, plus interval. An evening show but suitable for all family members aged 10+

Time travelling magic duo Morgan & West present a jaw dropping, heart stopping, brain busting, opinion adjusting, death defying, mind frying, spirit lifting, paradigm shifting, outlook changing, furniture rearranging magic extravanganza!

The dashing chaps offer up a plateful of illusion and impossibility, all served with wit, charm and no small amount of panache. Be sure to wear a hat – Morgan & West might just blow your mind.

“Hilarious and good for all ages”
Primary Times
★★★★★ ‘Brilliantly funny’
★★★★ ‘Hugely talented’
Daily Mirror
★★★★ ‘Superbly Crafted’
The Stage

Morgan & West

Morgan and West met whilst studying at Oxford, in the late nineteenth century. It was in that most reclining of seats of learning that the duo’s love of deception and legerdemain was born, and they would have been joined at the hip ever since, were it not for the vast discrepancy in the height of their pelvises. Soon Morgan and West were the hot ticket in every music hall, touring show and carnival of curiosities that the Empire (and its colonies) had to offer, but their big break was still to come…

It was a chance find in the adverts section of Peculiar Past-Times Monthly magazine that led to them coming into possession of a prototype time machine (Tempus Fudgit inc. 1887) and with scant but a change of waistcoat and an industrial sized tea caddy for provisions, the nineteenth century’s greatest magical duo set off for the 21st century.

Morgan & West have been performing magic shows all over the UK and at festivals all over the world since 2009. Most recently they have appeared at Wilton’s Music Hall in London both in their own run of shows, ‘fooling’ Penn & Teller on ITV’s Penn & Teller : Fool Us and also performing for HRH Prince Charles and other such dignitaries.